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This is a very cool and easy to use chrome extension. I have made this for me and my friends in starting. But after some time, we felt that we are addicted to this extension very much and it can be useful for another developer too. Then I took one step forward to publish it. Hope you all find it useful.
This app has 4.6 Rating out of 5 in chrome web store with 650+ awesome users. Be the part of this extension.

Code in maximized Window

Start doing code in the maximized window. You just need to check the Maximize checkbox, which will appear on the top-left corner. You can minimize the window just by unchecking the checkbox.

View Debugs only

Now it is very easy and just one click away to view only system debugs.

Clear All Button

We have lots of Debugs generated. Salesforce provides a button “Delete All” but it deletes only one page of debug logs in the single time. This extension will give you a “Clear All” button next to Delete All button. This button will delete all debug in one click.

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